This is Mike Holm, I’m from Kansas City and have powder dreams that were hard to chase on a budget. I was once like many of you, I’d pick a date, make my reservations and hope there would be good snow–like spinning the roulette wheel, hoping for powder. One out of 10 trips I would get lucky. Then, about ten years ago a local weather forecaster here in Kansas City explained that the weather cycles and repeats. I was skeptical, but the more I watched and followed his theory, I became convinced there was something to it.

So I did my research, and planned my first ski trip using “The Pattern”. Sure enough I found powder, 8” and 6” right on schedule. I didn’t have a clue how I did it, I just used the cycle length and Whistler Blackcomb’s snowfall history to predict that it would happen again—and it did. More trips and years would follow. I hit powder about 70% of the time!

I developed a passion for weather charts and started my own system for tracking snow conditions all over the US and Canada. Since I live in Kansas City, I like to travel all over to experience difference places. My favorites are Whistler, Big Sky, Mt Hood, Banff, Revelstoke, Jackson Hole, and Crystal. The Colorado resorts are my home base. I take “day trips” to A Basin where I fly out at 6AM KC time and am on mountain by 9 CO time; fly back that evening at 8:00 getting back home by 10;45–usually. That’s a hell of a day–but always powder on those short notice trips.

Mike Holm