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Future Snow uses exclusive patent pending technology to predict weather, over 30 days in advance, so you can plan the perfect powder trip.  

89.3 % Accurate 30+ Day Forecast

We are nearly 90% accurate (89.3 21-22, 87.5 20-21) in predicting snow over 30 days.

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Exclusive LRC Model from Weather 20/20

Maps by Weather Bell Analytics

We are the only Ski/Snowboard weather forecast company with exclusive access to the LRC Model.  

Designed by Meteorologist Gary Lezak, the patent pending LRC model, accurately predicts weather 30 to 60 days in advance, using a proprietary algorithm and the latest technology.  

Last fall (2022), OpenSnow, the Climate Prediction Center, Environmental Canada and many other media outlets, predicted below average precipitation for California and continued drought conditions.  The LRC model accurately predicted the upcoming record rain and snowfall season for California and Lake Tahoe.  

In late October (published November 1st), the LRC model predicted over 140% of average for Lake Tahoe with 70-100% of average for the Pacific Northwest.

Global Forecasts

The LRC model forecasts are global.  Below is a forecast for a subscriber’s trip to Hakkiai Sanroku Japan.  The subscriber took advantage of our free Ski Concierge service that is detailed in another section below.

The model uses state of the art technology from radar, satellite, and proprietary data.  That data is then incorporated into an algorithm, that is updated daily.

Forecast Maps and Radar by Weather Bell Analytics

Personalized Forecasts

Via Free Snow Concierge

If you are planning a trip, we will give you personalized weather forecasts for your trip, with our free Ski Concierge service.  Whether you know when you are going, or if you would like advice on where and when to go, we can help.  We will tell you where the snow is and where the best place to go for the best snow.  Snow Concierge is free with your annual membership.  


2 feet of snow