Exclusive LRC Model from Weather 20/20

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We are the only Ski/Snowboard weather forecast company with exclusive access to the LRC Model.  

Designed by Meteorologist Gary Lezak, the patent pending LRC model, accurately predicts weather 30 to 60 days in advance, using a proprietary algorithm and the latest technology.  

Last fall (2022), OpenSnow, the Climate Prediction Center, Environmental Canada and many other media outlets, predicted below average precipitation for California and continued drought conditions.  The LRC model accurately predicted the upcoming record rain and snowfall season for California and Lake Tahoe.  

In late October (published November 1st), the LRC model predicted over 140% of average for Lake Tahoe with 70-100% of average for the Pacific Northwest.

Global Forecasts

The LRC model forecasts are global.  Below is a forecast for a subscriber’s trip to Hakkiai Sanroku Japan.  The subscriber took advantage of our free Ski Concierge service that is detailed in another section below.

The model uses state of the art technology from radar, satellite, and proprietary data.  That data is then incorporated into an algorithm, that is updated daily.

Forecast Maps and Radar by Weather Bell Analytics


Gary Lezak


Gary grew up in Southern California.  He and his family spent summers vacationing at Lake Tahoe. After high school, Gary went to the University of Oklahoma and graduated with his B.S. degree in meteorology and started a successful broadcasting career.

He got his first big break in 1986 when he became the morning meteorologist at KWTV-TV in Oklahoma City. In 1992, Gary got another big break and became the Chief Meteorologist at KSHB 41.

In the 1980s, Gary discovered that the weather patterns were cycling, and accurate weather forecasts could be made using this new technology. A peer-reviewed paper was published in 2018, called Cycling Weather Patterns in the Northern Hemisphere

In the last couple of years, Gary has worked on a weather model that uses the principles of his life’s work.  This patent pending model is one of the tools that will change weather forecasting and you get to preview it first.

Gary retired from television in December 2022 to focus his time and energy on his company, Weather 2020.  Gary joined FutureSnow in the fall of 2022.



Mike Holm


Mike lives in Kansas City and has a passion for chasing powder.  While in Kansas City, he started following a local KSHB 41 meteorologist Gary Lezak. Gary presented an interesting theory that the weather cycles and repeats.

Mike began using Gary’s methodology for ski trips. and would find fresh powder nearly every trip. That sparked a serious quest in learning and understanding weather and Gary’s theory behind it.

He enrolled in the University of Missouri Atmospheric Science program and began taking meteorology classes to get a better understanding of the “language” of weather.  He poured through journal after journal and countless scientific studies, all while doing a deep dive into understanding the mechanisms that make the cycling pattern work.

Since 2019, Mike has been forecasting for the company he created, FutureSnow.  His long-range predictions are documented under the Predictions tab and has an accuracy rate of 89% for forecasts beyond 30 days. 

You can contact Mike at Mike@FutureSnow.co




Personalized Forecasts

Via Free Snow Concierge

If you are planning a trip, we will give you personalized weather forecasts for your trip, with our free Ski Concierge service.

Whether you know when you are going, or if you would like advice on where and when to go, we can help.  We will tell you where the snow is and where the best place to go for the best snow.  Snow Concierge is free with your annual membership.  

This Is Why We Do It

If you were lucky enough to be in Summit or Eagle counties on February 7-10, 2020, before the roads closed, you were in the “Toilet Bowl”.  A massive storm that dropped 60 inches in 5 days.  

Those big storms don’t come around Colorado very often, the potential is there once or twice a season. Using our proprietary data and forecasts, you won’t miss out on the next one.




2 feet of snow