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BiPolar Vortex

By February 10, 20213 Comments

This is pretty cool what’s happening right now. The polar vortex, and sometimes bi-polar, is affecting the track of the storm systems. I’ve never seen this before. The storms are still right on schedule but it looks like they will track further south then the regular track. This is good news for Tahoe, Utah, and Colorado because this is one of the slow period where storms track further north. This picture below shows the flow of the jet stream. There is still the ridge off the west coast, but that will soon break down.

Counter clockwise flow of polar vortex

The next pattern storm begins with a weeklong system that starts in the Pacific north west with Crystal Mountain in the center. Previous cycles it would hit Crystal and slide across Idaho and Wyoming and Jackson Hole. This time the polar vortex has pushed it south heading directly for Colorado and Utah. Bonus!

Looks like the PV will get kicked out somewhere the 15th or 16th. Colorado an Tahoe likely will get at least 2 extra systems they would not have got—that should help the snowpack numbers.

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