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Dec 17th Colorado Storm

By November 28, 2020No Comments

Ok so let’s turn our attention to storm 2. This will begin off the coast of British Columbia and impact the coastline December 15th. The last time it came through it dove south down the coastline hitting the Cascades, Tahoe region, then Utah and Colorado along the way. For my friends in the Tahoe region the last time trough produced a foot on the north side of the lake. Sierra was the winner with 20+.
This storm should describe the path of this years repeating pattern. Which areas it hits this time through and more importantly which areas it does not hit describe the path. The timing of the storm itself will verify my grasp of this years pattern.
The first prediction of December 4th appears to be 2 days early. IF this storm is 2 days early, than it’s easy, the cycle length is 2 days shorter and we just move everything up next cycle. If the storm doesn’t show up then I have a lot of work to do.

Timeline December 15-19th +/- 2 Days

December 15th. BC Coast

December 16th WA mountains

December 17th. Tahoe Utah

December 18th. Colorado NewMexico

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