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Spring Break Forecast

By February 1, 20213 Comments

If you were to just pick a date to go skiing this year, at Breckenridge, you have a 40% chance it will snow. With FutureSnow, your odds improve to 82%. So let’s dive in to our spring break predictions. there are some good storms that lineup around that time. Let’s start off with Crystal Mountain Washington. There will be a good storm on March 10 and 11th. That same storm arrives in Colorado March 12-13th. For our spring breakers in Tahoe, there should be a good system that comes through on March 19-20th, and then another system the 24-26th. Colorado gets hit during the end of the month, during aN active week March 26-31.

March Forecast

March 10-11 Crystal Mountain

March 12-13 Colorado Mountains

March 19-20 and 24-26th Tahoe

March 26-31 Colorado Mountains

We have 20 days left in the present cycle (3). The March Predictions are in cycle 4. Looking back over the first three cycles, the first set of storms in the March predictions, cycle 2 was the winner. The latter part of the storms of the month Cycle 1 produced the strongest returns. What will the end of cycle 3 and 4 bring? I expect the end of three and cycle forward to be the strongest cycle of the snow year. La Niña should weaken as we move into March and that should alter the storm path to be more favorable for Colorado.
The present cycle will begin to become more active is this coming weekend. Last Cycle the Colorado Mountains were active on days 37-40 that puts us February 11 through Valentine’s Day. So look for that week to be solid. We wrap up the last week of the cycle with storms for the western mountains. From Lake Tahoe all the way up to British Columbia saw big totals last Cycle, so Feb 18-20 should repeat.


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