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Storm is Coming (Update)

By January 19, 2021January 22nd, 2021One Comment

This System off the west coast breaks the ice opening the storm door

The Storm door opens this weekend and the system predicted 42 days ago will begin Monday morning for mountains in Washington and Oregon.
The storm that was predicted on December 13th. We have been talking about the storm door opening up and it is finally here! The storm predicted for Colorado impacts the west coast early on the 24th arriving in the southern mountains of Colorado Monday morning. For Lake Tahoe region it has been an especially long wait. The picture above is the first wave coming through. It’s not very impressive, but it kicks the door open for better things to come behind it. So back to that storm that begins on the 24th. The first wave actually begins on the 23rd and materializes through the southwest hitting Utah and western Colorado. This happened in the second cycle and the current cycle is taking a similar track. Park City 13” last cycle on days 22-23. Squaw had 10” over a 4-day stretch—days 22-25. Below is last cycle and this coming Saturday.

Cycle 2 Dec 13
Cycle 3 Sat 23rd

Once that wave moves through the trough digs deep into the Rockies. A little more linear this time through with the next wave behind just like cycle 2.

Cycle 2 Dec 13
Monday Night Jan 25

With the storm door open, here is the precipitation forecast for snow depth change over the rest of the month. You’ll notice some light grays in there, those are in the 3 to 4 feet range.

Total snowfall January 31 st

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