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Storm Today in Pacific Northwest

By January 2, 2022No Comments


We have had huge totals these last 10 days for all resorts that are in this year’s pattern, here are some of the big totals since Christmas Eve.  Remember this active 10 days will return beginning February 21st. 

          80+ Aspen Highlands 

          85+ at Mt. Hood

          74 at Alta

          130 at Palisades Tahoe (Formerly Squaw)

Next Storm is in Whistler Now

The storm is in Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Today and is a slow mover–which is good for high totals.  Looking at this animation you can see the totals pile up.  Click to animate.

Whistler Stoke


Whistler BlackcombWhistler Blackcomb Forecast
Revelstoke Mountain Resort



Snow today with wind chills in the teens.  Southwest winds as the storm moves in offshore.  Winter Storm Warning begins tonight as the strong band moves across Washington and Oregon.
Total accumulation for the Northern Cascades today is 4-8 during the day and 1-2 feet overnight.  For the Southern Cascades expect a little less during the day, 1-3 and 1-2 feet overnight.  First chair tomorrow should be epic.



Snow continues with additional totals of 6-10 for the northern Cascades as the bulk of the system moves south and east.  Heavy snow for the southern Cascades with 1-2 feet expected.  

Monday and Tuesday

Another wave of heavy snow for the southern Cascades with 1-2 feet of cold Blower Pow, bring your snorkels!  Would be a good time to book a room at the Timberline (Stanley hotel in The Shining) in case the roads close.

Northern Cascades–Go south!  Ok, you will still get fresh snow, but the best snow will be in Oregon.  Expect 4-6 each day.


Snow may make it as far south as the northern mountains of Tahoe.  I’ll keep an eye on this as the storm progresses.  I initially thought that it would make it, due to the stronger jet stream this time of year.  We will know more tomorrow.


Storm reaches Utah Wednesday with heavy snow expected for the Cottonwoods.  Storm totals should be in the double digits both Tuesday and Wednesday.


No Soup, yet


Storm reaches Colorado, details forthcoming.

Northern Part of the Pattern Storm for Thursday

The switch in the Pattern begins with this storm hitting Whistler.



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