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We’re on to Washington

By February 8, 2021One Comment

Ok, so let’s keep the hits coming. Our next prediction begins with the PNW and specifically Crystal Mountain. A weeks worth of storms are getting ready to slam BC, Washington and Oregon. This system should be large enough to skirt the Tahoe region, so fingers crossed for you guys. This is one of the dry stretches for Tahoe but it will return to an active pattern in March. Back to the PNW, this part of the pattern favors a northern track through Canada, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The larger systems will drop to Colorado. I have the 21st in yellow which means it has reached CO in previous, but not all, cycles. This is the peak strength of the year so the last storm that came through was the best storm so far. The set of pictures below are the last time the system came through on January 3, and the project GFS for the 18th.

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