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And Then There Was 1

We have one last prediction, May 9th, that was predicted way back on February 21st. Presently it is looking like a good storm and we will go out with a bang–with some double digits!

We will keep an eye on this storm and I’ll update you in a few days. If it holds together I’ll head out to Arapahoe Basin one last time–or maybe not the last–we will see. The snowpack will definitely not make it to July and probably not even June either.

If all holds together we will finish the year with an average accuracy of 87%. In this La Nina year we got it mostly right. In fact, this year is similar to last year if you look at the number of days it snowed. It snowed at Beaver Creek 58 days this year compared to 58 days last year. I had to shorten this season to match the same length last season because of the shutdown. So it snowed a very similar amount of days but the snow was about 30% less.

Below is the updated chart or you can access the spreadsheet here:

There is 1 more prediction that I made just for fun–the hurricane prediction. June 3rd, July 20th, or Sept 4th +/- 5 days. You can read that blog here: Upcoming Pattern Storm for Colorado – FutureSnow

There are other ways you can use your knowledge of the pattern. It is useful for predicting severe weather outbreaks. Look for May 18-20th for this possible strong setup for tornados. Thanks for spending a few moments reading the blog. Mike

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