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Last 4 Predictions

By April 25, 20212 Comments

There are 4 predictions remaining for the first season of FutureSnow and all of the predicted storms are showing up on the GFS. This has been a fun year and it has been my pleasure to bring you this technology. Jerome Namias, in 1949, wrote that upper-level winds had asymmetric variations that repeated regularly. He used this knowledge to make 5-day, and later 30-day forecasts based on his “Index Cycle”. He was simply brilliant and wrote over 200 papers and received multiple awards, including the highest award from the American Meteorological Society. We are using his theory today, with modern technology, to give you forecasts over a month in advance so that YOU can have fresh snow when you go!

Below is the updated predictions chart currently 87% accurate. There were 45 predicted storms with 6 busts (note March 15-19 was counted as 1 storm). Here is the link to enlarge:

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