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CoSig April 27th

By April 19, 2021No Comments

I got a chance to recharge the batteries this weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you don’t know, the lake is huge spanning over 80 miles of winding turns and is featured in the Netflix show Ozark. If you have watched the series there are a lot of similarities—I’m just going to leave it there. This picture is from the cove next to Big Dicks Halfway Inn, which is about the middle of the lake at mile 47. Big Dicks is a popular restaurant and bar where you earn your stripes shooting a shot of liquor with a live minnow swimming in it. Ok so on to the next storm.

The storm that I coined CoSig back in cycle 2 (there are 2 main storms this year), is showing up on the models and is on time. Below is each 500 mb chart with vorticity of each cycle. Notice the similarities.

Cycle 5
Cycle 3
Cycle 1

Cycle 4
Cycle 2

Do you notice how the projected Cycle five chart looks similar to cycle 1? It is because it is similar to the conditions and time of year. Cycle 1 was in the fall, cycle 5, present cycle is in the spring, with similar teleconnection patterns. I will be monitoring this storm and update you in a couple of days. Thanks for taking time to read the blog. Mike

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