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Bomb Cyclone (Update) 2-2-21

By January 3, 2021February 2nd, 2021No Comments

One of the cool things about the Heady/LRC pattern is you know when certain storms are going to reoccur. Here’s a good example of the pattern—the bomb cyclone that hit the Aleutian Islands.

Bomb Cyclone
November 16, previous time through

Heads up Alaska, this storm will return Presidents Day1. The cyclone set records for the strongest 921mb storm to hit Alaska. Luckily it was too far west to cause any damage. Will the storm be stronger next time through? I can’t answer that, but we know when it will return .


Update for Presidents Day 2-2-21

At the end of the model reach, today’s model run, 384 hours out, has the energy in the right place for the next Bomb Cyclone. It will be fun to watch this develop over the next couple of weeks.

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