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Colorado’s Biggest Storm of the Year

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Forecast Summary

How about that?  Judging by the still active snow stake cameras, Copper received around 18, Beaver Creek 13, Arapahoe Basin 18, Snowmass 10, Steamboat 12 and Loveland 14. 

That is the biggest one-day total for the season for the divide resorts to Eagle County. 

Breckenridge had 15 on January 6th, which is the next highest single day total.  Wolf Creek has the highest 2-day totals for Colorado this season, 26, which occurred during the New Year’s Eve storm.

Finally, Steamboat had 21 inch 2-day totals twice.  We will wait to get the official snow report from Arapahoe Basin, later today.  

Our forecast called for a total of 11-17, when you add day and overnight totals together.  It came out on the high end, and there is a few more inches probable today.


Off and on snow showers thru Tuesday, as a few more disturbances pass.  Today expect another 2-4 inches, moderate winds between 10-15 with 25 mph gusts.  Base temperatures around freezing and upper mountain temps in the upper 20’s.  

Tomorrow will be warmer with another small wave of snow showers passing through.  Temps in the high 30’s at base and around 35 at the summit.  Similar wind conditions.

Thank you!

Thanks for reading the blog!  This has been such a fun year bringing you this new technology.  Please tell your friends about us.  We will be doing posts, periodically, after a season wrap up in the coming days.  Mike

Begin Northern Pattern Tuesday

June 5-6 AR 4th Straight for Seattle?

Possible 4th AR, as we gaze into our crystal ball for June

The last item I am personally looking forward to occurs on June 5-6th (days 56-57).  That is when a possible fourth atmospheric river (AR) event is scheduled to hit Seattle.  Below are the 3 previous charts that show the variations the last three times through beginning with cycle 3 down to cycle 1.

Looking at the charts you can see the low pressure in the Gulf of Alaska with an AR extending out in the Pacific in all charts.  There are slight differences between them that are variations of the pattern. 

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