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Impressive Storm

By October 12, 2021December 2nd, 2021No Comments

Trifecta Delivers

Park City/Canyons Resort
Deer Valley


This storm has delivered the goods to Utah and Colorado resorts. The best part is that this storm, a version of it, will return. How many times have you heard weathermen say “storms in October don’t matter”. Well there wrong. They count. They cycle and repeat. That is why we have Utah on our Watch List. This years pattern favors those resorts. We will reveal more as we get into December, but for now, keep an eye on those resorts—especially when planning a trip.

Short Term Forecast

Another 5-10 today for the Utah resorts as this system moves out and into Colorado. For Colorado, snow began overnight and will continue today with respectable amounts from 5-15 inches. The southern mountains will be favored with this track.

Mid-Range Forecast

A small wave of energy will move across Utah and Colorado Thursday afternoon through Friday morning. . Expect a refresh of generally 3-5 “. Looking at the storm totals below, you can see that this storm will impact the front range as well. Keep in mind that this solution could change.

Long Range Forecast

Once the Friday system departs we will go through a quite part of the pattern. This will be shorter than last years (2 weeks), which is another sign of a stronger overall pattern. Look for the active part of the pattern to begin around the 23rd, with a good system coming through around the 28th.

Looking into November, there will be a large storm around the 6th. I am still honing on that one. Much more to come as this season ramps up!


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