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Powder Day!

By December 10, 2021No Comments


We are well underway for the 3rd wave of the Trifecta. PNW has some impressive totals from yesterday.

Alta Ski Resort Park City Resort Heavenly Mountain Timberline Lodge

Snowbird 50 Years

Snowbird is celebrating 50 years, so they are marking the occasion by changing out their snow stake with a plywood cut-out, AND fresh red paint!  They are also doing a lot of cool things to mark the anniversary, so check out and riminess.  You can upload old photos, or an old pass, they will share it on a dedicated page on their website.



Today and Saturday


Winter Weather Warning for the Pacific Northwest today from the northern Washington Cascades down to the southern Cascades of Oregon.  Freezing levels around 1000 ft.  Thunder snow is possible.  There is a decent upslope wind that will enhance totals.  I am expecting 8-12″ today for the southern Cascades for Mt Bachelor, Mt Hood areas.  In the northern cascades of Washington expect an additional 10-16″ today with freezing levels around 3000 ft.


Wasatch:  Snow begins to taper off by afternoon with an additional 3-5″ for Park City with 6-10″ additional for Snowbird/Alta.


The storm is winding down and will be out of the area by mid-afternoon.  Expect another 3-5 for all mountains.  Towards the divide will see another 2-4 around A Basin and Loveland.  Breckenridge 2-4, Vail 2-4, Crested Butte 1-3, Snowmass 1-3, and Telluride 3-5.


Saturday Night Sunday U Storm

I coined this next storm the U Storm, due to its U-shaped path. I posted a video yesterday explaining the setup from the last time through in October.  Here is the excerpt from yesterday.

A couple of things you should watch for while watching the video.  First, the projected storm for Saturday night is on the left.  The right side displays the path from October.  Next, the projected storm is much larger, this time through, due to the stronger jet.  The Jet Stream will continue to get stronger for the next several weeks as we move deeper into winter.  Finally, watch how the storm follows the same path it took in October.  This storm will return in early February.


FutureSnow Predictions

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