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Colorado’s Up

By March 21, 20213 Comments

The present storm is directly related to the pattern. It just hits Squaw (Tahoe) which was predicted by FutureSnow 54 days ago on January 26. There will be a couple of good systems coming through this week. The storms predicted for the 26th and 27th, 61 days ago, is right on schedule. That storm will be followed by another one the 26-27th. We just had the equinox to welcome spring in with a much higher sun angle. We still gain about 2 1/2 minutes of daylight a day. The jetstream is weakening and beginning to reseed to the north. It will take the storms further north and reduce the width of the “pattern path”.
Looking at the predictions page for the end of March, you see a lot of dates for northern storms, this isn’t a coincidence with the receding jetstream. When I made the spring predictions on February 21, I was guessing that this would be the correct bet. That does not mean that the storms will not drop down and hit Tahoe, Utah, and Colorado. The stronger storms, like the co-signature storms, are big enough to come through. We could miss every prediction for the rest of the year, our point would still be made, this system is real and it works.
Looking at the long range models the temperatures do not look favorable into April. Hopefully the models are wrong and will get a turnaround. Stay tuned. Thank you for spending a few minutes reading the blog.


  • Valkyrie says:

    I believe climate and weather are cyclical, which is one reason why I enjoy following your storm pattern hypothesis and analysis.

  • Joel Schneider says:

    Mike, these are pretty amazing predictions. I’m looking forward to scheduling some trips in advance next season, post-pandemic. I might even be able to catch a May storm in Colorado yet this season. Keep up the great work!

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