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Happy New Year—Already?

By December 9, 2020No Comments

Ok just released our next storm for some friends in Tahoe through the website Most of you have already heard of this site,I’m sure, but if you haven’t this is the go to site four your local mountain forecast within 10 days. WE give you the long-range forecasts so you can beat the reservation system!

New Years POW!

PNW December 28 -January 3rd

If you live in Washington, Oregon, or British Columbia, you are in for a week of wave, after wave, of storms!

Tahoe Sunday January 3rd

New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day. The last time the system came through there was a disorganized waive that sheered north and hit resorts Revelstoke, big white, Kickinghorse, and Banff/Lake Louise Canada. That system is what is occurring above—PNW. The better chance for the Tahoe region is Sunday, January 3rd. This system should bring 20+, so plan on taking Monday off.