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Huge Northern Storm

By November 15, 2021No Comments
Kicking Horse Snow Stake

Impressive multi-day storm for the mountains in Eastern BC and Alberta. We are in the northern part of the pattern and this AR event is delivering the goods for the mountains that are away from the coast. Kicking Horse is between Banff and Revelstoke, this shot was taken during the day, there current webcam shot is blocked by as drift in front of the camera. Its safe to say they have received between 2-3 feet in the last 48 hours. They reported 16.5 yesterday and today may be the largest dump in the last 10 years (18″).

Revelstoke BC

Gnorm the powder Gnome is covered with wet snow. Most of the storms that come through these areas are dry champagne powder, thus lower storm totals. Revelstokes single day high, since 2011, was 16″ in February 2016. That will be toast.

Just a hundred miles to the south sits Big White resort. It is at a low elevation and its all rain, for now, until the backside of the storm overnight lowers the snow level.

Big White Snow Stake

Same scenario today for PNW mountains of Washington and Oregon. Expect rain today until the afternoon when snow levels will drop to 6000′, Then overnight snow levels will drop the snow level as low as 1000′.

PNW 24hr Snow Totals

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