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New Pattern Emerging

By September 6, 2021September 8th, 20212 Comments

A brief study of last winters pattern

Last year‘s La Niña winter produced below average snowfall for most of the country. The exception was the Pacific Northwest, specifically north of Oregon. There were two big systems that were about two weeks apart In the middle of this year’s 46.3 day cycle. I called them co-signature or CoSig storms because they were about equal in their production. They produced well in every cycle, with cycle 3, Feb 4th, being the biggest producer for CoSig 2 and cycle 4 March 14th for Co-Sig 1.

Below is the evolution of CoSig 1

CoSig 1 Summer Evolving Pattern
This image caught me because of September 11. So I called his feacher the Twin Towers.
Bigger and Stronger
Not as strong
Back to strong

CoSig 2

The second signature storm occurred a little less than two weeks after CoSig 1 each cycle. A quick note about the second storm, when it came through in February, the energy from this system dislodged the polar vortex and caused it to wobble. A week later it hit Texas.

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