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Still Perfect (Barely)

By January 18, 2022No Comments
Stowe Vermont

Nor’easter Delivers

Summary 19/19 Predictions

We eeked out a close one, the nor’ easter storm, and now it’s on to the next predicted storm—Jan 22 for Colorado.  Before we dive into the Colorado storm let’s discuss the nor’ easter.  We missed on the timing on this storm by 2 days and were only able to count one day of snowfall. 

I will go back and analyze this storm to first, make sure there wasn’t a mathematical error, and second, process the cycle for fractions.  If you read yesterday’s blog, we feared that the storm would be our first “technical bust”.  I say technical, because the storm was definitely there, we were just off on the arrival time.  We will go and do some forensics to determine the cause.  This storm should have been listed as a 2-day storm, due to its size–so we missed that too.

Below is the 500-mbar chart animation of the nor’ easter.  This storm followed a similar path last time through.  


Today’s Stoke

Revelstoke mountain resort

Sunshine VillageSunshine Village, BanffKicking Horse Mountain resort


I chose this GFS snowfall chart, not because it’s impressive, it’s surely not, but it shows the transitional path from the Northern Pattern to the Active West.  This new pattern will be in place for the next 10 days and is in line with the last 5 predictions, it’s a day late.  When we get to February, the Active West pattern will begin on the 3rd.  The first wave of the Trifecta should begin in the PNW on Feb 5 or 6th.  This will be key to watch where the Pattern is.  Is it a day late, more?  We will be watching.  

This Week

There is not much happening in America, snow wise.  There are few snow showers in the PNW, but not much is expected to accumulate. Montana resorts will get a few inches, to possibly 5-9″ in the bullseye, of this small system.  It reaches Colorado by Wednesday with maybe a couple of inches at best.  

The bigger system begins Thursday in British Columbia.  That storm takes a similar path but is farther west.  That is good news for western Montana and Idaho resorts.  This storm is on both prediction chart and the monthly calendars, as well.  

Thanks for reading the blog.  As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment or send an email.  We are here for you, with personal forecasts for your trip.  Send an email to Mike@FutureSnow.CO and let us know where and when you plan to go, we will give you a detailed forecast based on the Pattern.  Or, if you want to chase an upcoming storm, let us know and we will keep you updated with our Ski Concierge service (free).

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