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Storm Moves into Colorado

By December 15, 2021No Comments


Snowbasin and Alta are neck and neck down the stretch today as we head to measurement time.  Snow wraps today in Utah as snow began in the early morning for Colorado.  Expect snow showers today in Colorado until early afternoon when the storm exits.  Snow showers will move into the PNW this morning and early afternoon in the Tahoe region early afternoon.  Here are a few snow stake cams from this morning.



UtahStorm moves out this morning.  An additional 1-3 can be expected. 

Colorado:  Snow showers for all mountains with 3-5 expected for most mountains.  

PNW:  Snow begins today in the Cascades after 10 with snow totals between 3-5 for the northern mountains of Washington.  More is expected in the southern Cascades of Oregon where 10-15 is likely.

Tahoe:  Another good system arrives today this morning.  Snow will increase this afternoon with the heaviest accumulations late afternoon and evening.  Expect another 15-20 for most mountains above 5500ft.


PNW:  Another 1-3 for the southern cascades and an 1-2 for the north.

Tahoe:  1-2 as the system wraps and moves into Utah and Colorado.

Utah and Colorado:  The system from Tahoe arrives in the overnight hours.  

Sat and Sun

The next storm system arrives Sat and Sun in the PNW.

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