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Back to Back Powder in CO

By March 10, 2022No Comments



The storm moves out today for all mountains in Colorado, with the exception of the San Juan range in the southeast.  What a great storm, Snowbird is reporting 24-hour total of 24, Alta 16, Steamboat 21, Jackson Hole 20 and Telluride 13.  Once the storms clears, we move into the deep freeze with sub-zero temps overnight for parts of Colorado and Utah.  The next system hits the Pacific Northwest Sunday and takes a southeast track to Utah and Colorado by Monday.  

Spring Break Forecast Scorecard

If you are keeping track of the Pattern and our long-range forecast, you will remember our spring break forecast for this week. Below was our forecast published back on Feb 18th.  Here is the link in case you missed it.

March 6-12

There is a split, during this week, in terms of pattern storms from the last 2 cycles. The one constant is Colorado.  Colorado resorts received snow on days 33-35, which translates to March 9-11.  Expect a good system for Vail, Steamboat, Aspen, Breckenridge and Crested Butte.

If the strength of the Pattern is more like cycle 2, Then Utah resorts Park City, Alta and Snowbird will have good snow.  We will have to monitor the models to confirm those chances.  Jackson Hole, Big Sky, both had good storms those days (Mar 10-12) in cycle 2, with JH having triple digit totals for 3 straight days,  


Powderhorn Telluride ski resort  Steamboat Beaver Creek Arapahoe Basin Aspen Highlands Breckenridge  


Snow will linger today and add an inch or two for most Colorado mountains.  The Southern ranges will add 2-4, for Telluride, Silverton and Wolf Mountain.  Temperatures will crash tonight.  Friday windchills will be -15 to -20, with the exception of western ranges near Grand Mesa, their Friday high will be around 25.


All Pattern Storms thru Mid-April

Colorado 1-May Northern Mountains 18 Mar 19-20 42-43 1
Revelstoke, Banff 1-May Selkirk, Alberta Range 21 Mar 22-23 45-46 1
Jay Peak 1-May Vermont 23 Mar 24-25 47-48 1
Colorado 1-May Colorado 28 Mar 29-30 52-53 1
Colorado 1-May Colorado 31 2-Apr 56 1
Colorado 1-May Colorado 41 Apr 16-18 6-7- 1

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