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Cycle 5 Begins April 8

By April 3, 2021No Comments

Spring like conditions throughout the lower 48 and the boring part of the pattern spells corn harvesting–for now. There is one little system that should come in around the 5-7th beginning in the PNW and continuing through Utah and N Colorado.

The boring part of the pattern continues until April 12th when the next pattern storm arrives for Colorado. It is showing up on the models but looks warm–still a long ways off so I’ll keep you posted. This storm is storm 1 of the co-signature storms with part 2 arriving 13 days later. These storms have been regular throughout each cycle with the present cycle being the strongest. The two storms combined dumped 46″ at Telluride, over half of their 82″ in the entire cycle (46 days) from the Co-Sig storms. Below is a picture of an 2006 trip to Telluride. We flew in from Kansas City coming from around 950 feet above sea level to hiking up to Palmyra Peak (13,313 feet). Our lungs were burning–we could walk for a couple of minutes and had to stop to rest. The hike was worth it, of course, Telluride is a world class mountain.

Hike to Palmyra Peak Telluride

We have received several trip reports from readers of FutureSnow and those are the best comments of all, and why we do this. The pure joy from skiing and Snowboarding on a powder day is so addictive. Its awesome to hear that joy expressed by hoots and hollers from all over the run. If you haven’t experienced that yet keep reading FutureSnow and you will know when to find powder. It can even happen with what’s left of this season. I had one of my best powder days ever at Arapahoe Basin in early May with knee-deep blower pow.

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