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Here Comes the Snow, Doo Doo Doo Doo UPDATED

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Posted October 11, 2023



Here Comes the Snow, Doo Doo Doo Doo

A winter storm is rolling thru Utah today, while we have rain in Colorado that will change over to snow by late tonight.  Snow levels in Utah will be around 9500 feet this morning, falling to around 8500 feet by noon.

Strong lake-effect snow will be likely with favorable wind conditions due to how warm the Great Salt Lake is this time of year.  There are no winter storm warnings at the present, but I will say it’s very possible, because this storm is strengthening.  1-2 feet is possible by Friday morning.

For Colorado, rain today changing over to snow late tonight.  The northern mountains are favored with elevations above 8500 feet will be in the 6-16 range.  I-70 resorts will be in the 4-8 range.  Central mountains in the 2-4 range.  Not much snow expected for the southern mountains, as the bulk of this system remains to the north, especially Wyoming. 

In the next cycle, this should be a very good storm, as I expect this system to dive farther south, meaning the central and southern ranges will be included.  With teleconnection alignment, it could be like the great storm we had a few years ago, before Covid, where Summit and Eagle County resorts received 5 feet of snow over 4 days, closing parts of I-70 for nearly 2 days—-wait a minute, take a breath, let’s not let this get out of hand!  Ok it could be better next time through.

Pattern Discussion 

Below are a few charts of what we will discuss tomorrow, the circulating pattern.


From yesterday,

This is the first cycle of the new pattern.  We have cold air and snow coming this week from the Pacific Northwest to northern Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. The path of this storm will be one of the storm paths for this season.  This system will likely grow in strength to when it returns in the first half of December. We will have to watch how the teleconnections set up this season.   Below is the 500 millibar chart, between 16,000 to 20,000 feet.

Each storm that comes through now will return in each cycle until late summer next year.  If this storm returns with the proper setup, it could be a good producer.  


Cold temperatures are on the way beginning tomorrow afternoon for Utah.  Temps will fall into the low 20’s by late afternoon.  For Colorado, Wednesday night will see temps in the upper 20’s for 9,000 ft and low 20’s along the divide–that will mean 24-hour snow making for Arapahoe Basin and Loveland.

Courtesy, Al’s Blog 24 hour snowmaking possible Wednesday through Friday

Hurricane LIDIA

Lidia is the third storm predicted by (FutureSnow).  It is expected to strengthen as it heads towards the Mexican Coastline.  The path is different than Hilary, likely due to the switch in pattern, from old to new.


Possible Hurricane Dates (prediction date May 19th)

Below are the updated predictions for possible hurricanes using our long-range prediction formula.  

Aug 12-17 Pacific Storm—–Verified Hurricane Hilary

Aug 30-Sept 6 Florida—–Verified Hurricane Idalia

Sept 26-Oct 3 Florida (added Sept 4th)

Sept 27- Oct 5 Hawaii

Sept 30-Oct 3rd Yucatan

Sept 30-Oct 5 Pacific Storm

Oct 4-12 Possible Return of Hilary—-Verified Hurricane Lidia


You can find the original post May 19th, and all Hurricane posts on this page—most recent posts appear first.



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