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Hurricane Lidia

By October 10, 2023No Comments

Posted October 10, 2023

Hurricane Lidia

It’s officially a hurricane, Lidia and that’s officially three hurricanes predicted by FutureSnow (  Who says you can’t predict hurricanes months in advance?  Below are some charts and information from the National Hurricane Service.  You can visit their website for more information.


This storm is taking a new track due, most likely because of the new cycling pattern, which began about October 6th.  This most likely concludes the predictability of last year’s pattern, but sometimes there is a lag in between cycle years, so the return of Idalia (October 14-25th) and Lee October 28-14th are possible.  You may notice a larger range than the May 19th predications, that is because of the new cycle length (still verifying). 

Below are all of the storms so far.  Followed by the predictions chart from May 19th. Click the link to check out the original forecast.

Possible Hurricane Dates (prediction date May 19th)

Below are the updated predictions for possible hurricanes using our long-range prediction formula.  

Aug 12-17 Pacific Storm—–Verified Hurricane Hilary

Aug 30-Sept 6 Florida—–Verified Hurricane Idalia

Sept 26-Oct 3 Florida (added Sept 4th)

Sept 27- Oct 5 Hawaii

Sept 30-Oct 3rd Yucatan

Sept 30-Oct 5 Pacific Storm

Oct 4-12 Possible Return of Hilary——Verified Hurricane Lidia


You can find the original post May 19th, and all Hurricane posts on this page—most recent posts appear first.


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