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Here We Go Again

By December 22, 2021No Comments


Another Winter Storm Warning for the PNW today–ho hum, La Nina is kind to you.  Storm intensifies today in the Pacific Northwest.  Snow and heavy snow throughout the day today thru Friday.  The next storm is dropping down from the Gulf of Alaska and is right on time with the Pattern.

Snow moves into the Tahoe basin today.  The only question regarding the Tahoe part of the system are temperatures, as it will be warm today.  The cold air arrives tomorrow.  California has been blessed with multiple atmospheric rivers (AR) this year, this is another.

Christmas Storm as it Relates to the Pattern

What is unique about the pattern is best seen at the 500 mb level. Once you understand where and when the storms are going to hit, you monitor the teleconections, and then sit back and watch it unfold. 

Below is a comparison between the last cycle to the present.  The main difference is where the High pressure is located.  Back in October it was located further west, and the energy was spread out.  With the High up by the Aleutians, it actually concentrates the storms into a tighter package.





Winter Storm Warning Heavy snow today with freezing levels dropping to 1500 ft.  Snow totals between 10-20 for the Cascades of Washington and Oregon


Snow and rain today with rising snow levels until tonight.  Expect 4-8 of Sierra cement.

Tomorrow and Friday


Storm continues tomorrow with continued low freezing levels. Perhaps lowering to below 500 ft. Another 4-8 of fluff for the northern Cascades and 8-12 for the southern Cascades of Oregon.  Friday and Friday night expect another 4-8 for the north, and another 8-12 for the south.


Storm intensifies and colder air moves in.  1-3 ft likely for most areas.  Friday and Friday night expect another 6-12. Tahoe calendar thru March comes out later today.

Utah and Colorado

Storm moves into Utah Thursday with 15-20 expected for the Cottonwoods.  Colorado ramps up on Friday.  More to come on CO tomorrow.


Future Snow Predictions

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