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March and April Predictions

By February 24, 2021March 9th, 20212 Comments

It has been an amazing year so far, FutureSnow has accurately predicted 23 out of 27 events, that’s 85%. That is really an amazing statistic because all of the predictions have been made at least 25 days in advance before any models are in range. The longest was 56 days for Colorado where Vail had 13 inches. There is an even longer prediction coming up, 67 days, for March 9-11th. I would love to end the ski season with 90%. This is not meant as a brag, I just simply interpret the data, it more of how cool it is to know when these systems will come through.


  • Slopeside Toboggans says:

    Ive been keeping an eye all year on this site, seeing if there is truth to The Pattern. And, well, Im sold. (Although, the deterministic feel does take some of the enjoyment out of looking at short term weather forecasts; ie, “I dont really have to look at the 7-day forecast for Colorado next week. There will be a whole lot of nuthin’!”). But thats okay. Gives us more time to ski. Cheers!

    • Mike Holm says:

      Thanks for following along, it took me a couple of years to come around myself. But using the pattern in the Midwest is a lot harder to follow. Because the pattern it’s pretty clear from the pacific northwest till about Colorado, then it hits the planes and there is a lot of variation of the storm track.

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