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Winter Forecast Predictions

Below are the predictions for the next couple of months.  This took a little longer to put together than I anticipated, because of the long cycle length.  There are two distinct parts of this year’s cycle.  The Active West and the Northern part of the pattern.  All of these predictions were made Nov 26th.  This first cycle will have a variance of 2 days plus or minus of the due date.  Once this cycle is verified the next cycle will have only one day variance.  

Place Prediction Made Region Lead Time Date Days +/-
Whistler 26-Nov Fitzsimmons Range 24 20-Dec 2
Pacific Northwest 26-Nov Cascades 25 20-Dec 2
Utah 26-Nov Utah, Wasatch 28 24-Dec 2
Colorado 26-Nov Colorado 29 25-Dec 2
New England 26-Nov New England 29 25-Dec 2
Whistler 26-Nov Fitzsimmons Range 27 23-Dec 2
Jan  2022
Revelstoke 26-Nov Selkirk Range 39 4-Jan 2
Whistler 26-Nov Fitzsimmons Range 39 4-5 Jan 2
Crystal Stevens Pass 26-Nov Washington 40 5-6 Jan 2
Mt Hood 26-Nov Oregon 41 6-Jan 2
Colorado 26-Nov Colorado 43 8-Jan 2
PNW 26-Nov  PNW Cascade 41 6-8-Jan 2
New England 26-Nov New England 49 14-Jan 2
Revelstoke 26-Nov Selkirk Range 48 13-Jan 2
Banff 26-Nov Alberta Rockies 48 13-14 Jan 2
Colorado 26-Nov Colorado 57 22-Jan 2

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