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Presidents Day Forecast

By January 20, 2022No Comments

Snow Concierge

Presidents Day is February 21st and we have been getting a lot of requests for things like, where to go?  To, what is the forecast for Vail?   We have a new service for these kinds of requests, we call it our Snow Concierge Service.  With our Snow Concierge Service, you get a personal forecast for your destination.  Or, if you’re not sure where to go, let us guide you to where the snow will be falling the week of your vacation.  

Just send an email to with your vacation date, and destination, and we will give you the latest info and personal forecast.  The best part is, it’s free.

Presidents’ Day Weekend

Colorado and Utah

Presidents’ Day falls during the Active West Pattern so there are a lot of choices for this holiday.  The Trifecta is due before the holiday, so it should have a great kick start before the week leading up to Presidents’ Day.  We will start at Valentine’s Day, and progress thru the week (pattern days 19-26).  On days 19-20 in cycle 1, both Colorado and Utah resorts had snow with Alta having the most 11.  In Cycle 2 Days 19-20, Alta wins again with 23.  Colorado ranged from 5-12 with Steamboat the winner.

In both cycles days 21-23 had no snow.  That gets us to days 24-26.  Cycle 1:  Utah, again the winner with Alta having 4-day totals of 21″.  Colorado totals were minor 4-8.  Cycle 2: Alta and Snowbird both with 20.  Colorados Wolf Mountain had 14 and 12 and Aspen had 12.


Tahoe is a little trickier.  Back in August and September, as the transition from last year’s pattern to this year’s, the storm path was mainly in Canada.  However, there was one storm that stuck out as completely new.  That storm hit August 18th and just grazed Lake Tahoe.

As a forecaster, you have to project how far south the storms will track as the jet stream lowers.  Tahoe, I thought, was on the edge of the storms, based on that one back in August.  In Cycle 1, Palisades Tahoe reported 8 on October 18th. but it was mostly a warm storm.  Cycle 2, all of the elements came together for a huge storm dumping 75 inches in 5 days.  That was the third wave of the Trifecta, and that storm wraps on day 19.  In both cycles days 20-24 were dry. 

Day 25.  This was the Christmas Eve storm in Cycle 2, that we predicted based on what happened in cycle 1, October 25th–Tahoe 39 at Palisades.  In cycle 2, day 25 kicked off a 9-day torrent of relentless snow that shut down and buried the resorts with 130 inches.

Pacific Northwest

October, in the Cascades, was warm and wet in the first Cycle, days 19-26, the only precipitation that was snow was reported at Mt Hood and Whistler Blackcomb (25-26).  Cycle 2, it snowed 5 of the 7 days and Mt Hood Meadows received around 50 inches.

Rank ’em

If you haven’t picked your destination, you can’t really go wrong.  Cycle 3 should be around the same strength as cycle 2.  The storms have been trending late, however the lead-in storm, the Trifecta would just linger a day, or so, longer. There will be good snow everywhere, barring the unforeseen.  

There are pros and cons to each destination.  Will it be warm for resorts like Mt Rose, Donner Ski Ranch and Palisades in the Tahoe region?  Same can be said for Crystal Mountain, Mt Hood and Stevens Pass.  Utah and Colorado will most likely be colder.  My choice is Utah, I will be at Alta, Snowbird and Park City, based on the best chance for quality of snow.  

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