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Subtle Differences (boring stretch)

By March 1, 2021No Comments

There are a few subtle differences to the boring stretch this time through compared to last time through. Below is a couple of charts that compare snapshots of the same day but different cycles. The elements that make the pattern different are the teleconnections (AO, NAO, MJO, PNA, ENSO, etc.). When the pattern has a similar tele the outcome will be similar.

You can see some similarities and also some differences between the two cycles. Below is an example of a storm last year that had an almost perfect agreement on teleconnections and the storm produced similar results, with the exception that the October storm produced a lot of snow. That is what I look for to predict future snow events. I watch these storms develop in the fall to figure out what storms can produce in later cycles.

That October storm was the genesis of the best week of powder that I can remember for Summit and Eagle counties. Legs were burning for a week afterwards.

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