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4th Repeating Storm

By March 4, 20212 Comments

We are entering the active phase of the pattern with Saturday nights Storm beginning at the Lake Tahoe region. Every cycle there are a different lineup of forces (AO, NAO, MJO, ENSO, etc.). Those differences relate to the outcome shown on the 500mb charts. Let’s look at those charts of this years La Niña dominant pattern.
45-46 day pattern

Projected 500mb Z Vort

You can see that these charts have a similar look to them. The differences, again, are the strength of the different teleconnections. All of these snapshots have a second round of energy following the first round come with the exception of the October snapshot. The pattern was still developing in October. Tomorrow will get into the next trough that sets up 13 days after this one.


  • Josh says:

    Hey Mike. What is Jackson Hole looking like for March 14-20 ? I see it on the chart…


    • Mike Holm says:

      It’s looking good, snow should begin in the afternoon or evening on the 15th. There should be several rounds of snow that will clear out on the 18th. I expect double digits. Maybe a couple of feet.

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