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Tahoe’s Up, Alta on Deck

By March 8, 2021March 11th, 20214 Comments

The dry or boring part of the pattern it’s coming to a close and finally we’re moving into the active part again. The low pressure system spinning off the coast is headed towards Tahoe and will arrive overnight Tuesday. This should be a good kick-off to the active pattern and should bring double digits at least along the crest. Once the storm passes it heads towards Alta, right on time. Below is the energy and vorticity GFS.

As the low continues to move east, Washington and Oregon Resorts will get snow from the backside of the Low/Northwest flow. The system has occurred every cycle. With the last couple of cycles being stronger and affecting a larger path. The genesis of this system was way back in August when the new pattern was in its infancy.
Colorado is next with snow snow beginning on the 11th, right on time (predicted Jan 26th). Because of the position of the low, this could be the biggest storm that Colorado has all season. It’s been a down year because of the La Niña pattern, but I expect to finish strong in March and April to end the season at, or above average, like I predicted back in December.
The picture below is the next storm is spinning off the BC coast. That is the next system that’s going to affect Banff Lake Louise, Big Sky and Jackson Hole. This prediction was made on Feb 3rd.


  • Jayson says:

    Do you see anything big on the Horizon for Utah in the next 2-3 weeks? Thanks! Love your site!

    • Mike Holm says:

      Yes, March 26-26th will be the best chance, but the last couple of weeks is the most active part of the cycle. The storms that I have predicted (in green) for Squaw WILL hit Alta, just not completely sure for Tahoe region–they are on the edge of the Pattern path.

  • Craig Waikem says:

    San Juan’s March 28+

    Is that too late?

    • Mike says:

      I don’t think so, we’ll see. There will be a storm and the last time through the Polar Vortex was in play. The position of the trough should allow cold air to be in place.

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