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We’ve Got Snow, a little

By January 25, 2022No Comments


Snow is in the air again in Utah and Colorado.  The Alberta Clipper has arrived bring a few inches this morning to Alta, Snowbird, Steamboat, and Arapahoe Basin.  This fast-moving system will bring an inch or two more to Utah resorts, and a few more inches for northern Colorado resorts.  For southern CO resorts like Telluride and Silverton, expect 1-2 for Telluride and 2-4 for Silverton.

Snow Stake Pics (not stoke)

Arapahoe Basin Alta Ski Resort Snowbird Ski Resort Steamboat


Trifecta Up Next

Park City Aspen Snowmass Vail Resort Timberline Mt Hood

The first wave of the Trifecta is actually running a little early.  The Pattern was running late but has snapped back and now a little early.  I have learned not to be too reactionary, to these swings and just let it play out.  A few weeks ago, I was contemplating moving the predictions back by a day but decided to wait it out.  I think of the Pattern as a fluid, or waves, and being late was a ripple that hit some turbulance.  Thats why it’s best to see the Pattern using the 500 mb chart.  To see the flow of the waves.

Here is an example of the flow.

We will go more in depth for this storm tomorrow.


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