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Cycle 4

By January 27, 2022No Comments

Pattern Discussion

Cycle 4 begins today.  Both cycles 1 and 2 began quiet, with the exception of a wildcard storm that slid across Canada last cycle. This is one of the longer boring periods that has occurred in both cycles and the pre-cycle (transition from old to new patterns).  One thing that is different this time around is the positioning of the High pressure off of the west coast.  It is currently in a bad location for the upcoming Trifecta storm.  Also, the intensity of that upcoming system appears to be weaker.  Nothing to get alarmed about this far out but it is something to keep an eye on.  


A small wave slid down from the last Alberta Clipper track giving Big Sky a couple of inches.  That wave comes thru Colorado today, so a few snow showers with an inch or two possible.  Next storm hits the PNW on Saturday.  More details to come.


Presidents’ Day Weekend

Colorado and Utah

Presidents’ Day falls during the Active West Pattern so there are a lot of choices for this holiday.  The Trifecta is due before the holiday, so it should have a great kick start before the week leading up to Presidents’ Day.  We will start at Valentine’s Day, and progress thru the week (pattern days 19-26).  On days 19-20 in cycle 1, both Colorado and Utah resorts had snow with Alta having the most 11.  In Cycle 2 Days 19-20, Alta wins again with 23.  Colorado ranged from 5-12 with Steamboat the winner.

In both cycles days 21-23 had no snow.  That gets us to days 24-26.  Cycle 1:  Utah, again the winner with Alta having 4-day totals of 21″.  Colorado totals were minor 4-8.  Cycle 2: Alta and Snowbird both with 20.  Colorados Wolf Mountain had 14 and 12 and Aspen had 12.


Tahoe is a little trickier.  Back in August and September, as the transition from last year’s pattern to this year’s, the storm path was mainly in Canada.  However, there was one storm that stuck out as completely new.  That storm hit August 18th and just grazed Lake Tahoe.

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