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Big Sky Pow

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Whistler Blackcomb  Revelstoke  Banff Sunshine Village  Mt Bachelor     Stevens Pass   

Forecast Summary

The storm is progressing across Utah today reaching Colorado this afternoon and tonight.  Northern Utah resorts Brighton, Alta and Snowbird, expect heavy snow today with moderate winds. Western Colorado gets underway today with light snow moving into central and eastern parts of the state late tonight.




Scattered snow showers continue today for the Cascades.  Colder temperatures and lower snow levels equal better quality of snow.  High temps today around 30 (4500 ft) with moderate winds between 10-15 mph.  

Stevens Pass 1-3 today, 4-8 tonight, Monday 1-3

Mt Hood Timberline/Meadows 1-3 today, Monday 1-3

Mt Baker 1-3 today, 3-5 tonight


Heavy snow at times today with moderate winds between 10-15 mph.  Snow totals should be in the 4-8 range for Alta, Brighton, and Snowbird with lower totals, 1-3 for Park City and SnowbasinBrian Head may be the winner today with favorable wind direction, we will shoot for 5-9.


Snow moves into western Colorado this afternoon, not much accumulation expected until this evening.  This is looking like a small event, as the storm appears to be losing strength.  Snow totals are going to be in the 2–4-inch range for most mountains, with a little more along the divide.  Most of the accumulation will come Monday, during the day.  Temperatures will be mild, around the freezing mark with light winds 5-10 mph.


Welcome to Future Snow

If you are new to our site, you are in for a surprise.  The weather repeats. Stay with me…..for the last 20 years, Gary Lezak, a meteorologist in my hometown of Kansas City, has been working on understanding how this all works and has authored a peer reviewed study called “Cycling Weather Patterns in the Northern Hemisphere“.   Below is a video with two cycles synced up so you can see the pattern clearly.

That is a little background on what we call the Pattern.  Once you understand it, you can predict weather months in advance–that is what we do here.  Presently, we are about 87 percent accurate predicting storms over 30 days out.  We have an official prediction chart posted with all of this years predicted storms and results.


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