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Clipper Time

By March 8, 2022No Comments


Snow has begun to fall in Washington this morning as the fast-moving BC clipper is underway.  That system is already in Idaho, Montana and is on a Beeline to Utah.  Winter Storm Warnings at noon today for Utah’s Alta, Snowbird and Brighton with heavy snow expected.  Colorado gets involved tonight.

Crystal Mountain

Heavy Snow at Crystal Mountain



Heavy snow today for the Cascades with moderate to strong winds with gusts around 25 mph. higher elevation resorts like Crystal, Stevens Pass, Mt Hood (Timberline and Meadows) and Bachelor, expect 5-10 today with lower elevation resorts, like Mt Baker in the 2-4 range.  The system moves out of the northern Cascades overnight with some lingering snow showers Wednesday for the southern Cascades.


Snow chances are for Wednesday night, not much expected, perhaps an inch or two with the back side.


The system arrives today around noon.  It will be cold today with a high in the upper teens with negative wind chill values.  The snow intensity will increase gradually during the late afternoon hours.  I am expecting 1-3 during the day with 8-12 overnight.  

Wednesday Powder Day with heavy snow and an additional 5-10 before the storm wraps late in the day.  Cold temps and wind chills in the low single digits–Dress warm and clear goggles, it’s going to be a great day at Alta, Snowbird and Brighton!  The snow won’t be as intense at Park City/Canyons, expect 6-10 before the system wraps.


The storm arrives overnight tonight I am expecting 1-3 for the northern mountains along I-70.  For the western mountains near Grand Mesa, expect little snow until Wednesday night, as it is on the edge until then.  


Expect snow and blowing snow with strong winds 12-20 mph with gusts near 30.  Wind chills in the single digits.  I am expecting 2-4 during the day, for the north, central and southern mountains with another 2-4 overnight.  Western mountains, expect 2-3.  

After this storm passes it will be dry until the weekend with potential snow as a small wave passes.

All Pattern Storms thru Mid-April

Colorado 1-May Northern Mountains 18 Mar 19-20 42-43 1
Revelstoke, Banff 1-May Selkirk, Alberta Range 21 Mar 22-23 45-46 1
Jay Peak 1-May Vermont 23 Mar 24-25 47-48 1
Colorado 1-May Colorado 28 Mar 29-30 52-53 1
Colorado 1-May Colorado 31 2-Apr 56 1
Colorado 1-May Colorado 41 Apr 16-18 6-7- 1

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