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Colorado Snow

By January 15, 2022No Comments


Nice refresh for most mountains in Colorado yesterday and this morning.  Snow is in the trees again after what seemed like a long week.  Most of the snow fell on resorts north of I-70.  Crested Butte did get an inch and the southern mountains had a dusting at best.  This storm was on the Colorado calendar and will return March 15.  Even though it is in the Northern Pattern, when it returns in March it has the potential to be a good storm.  There could be a little more moisture the next time around.  

Snow Stake Pics (not as good as daily stoke)

Beaver Creek Forecast  Vail Forecast Arapahoe Basin Forecast

Pattern Discussion

Let’s look at this current storm, the nor’ easter, and compare it to how it looked last time through back in November. Take a look at these two charts, they are pretty similar.  The current chart is what we would expect, in that the storm is stronger and the trough digs deeper.


This is a great time to point out that these 500 mb charts don’t always line up like this.  It takes similar conditions, meaning teleconnection patterns, to have similar looking charts.  This time through, they line up perfectly.  


Look at these elements I have pointed out.  The three circles, the ridge on the left (squiggly line), all line up.  The main difference is the ridge and trough on the right have flipped.  That switch will probably flip back next time through in March.



Not much going on through the weekend, besides the big nor’easter heading to the east. Next system moves into the Pacific Northwest Monday.

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