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Ian Makes Landfall–Right On Time

By September 28, 2022No Comments

Hurricane Ian (Cat 4)

Hurricane Ian

Satellite view of Hurricane Ian


On April 3rd we released our Hurricane forecast for the upcoming hurricane season. You can find that article below.

Atmospheric River of the Third Time – FutureSnow

Ian makes landfall today, right on one of the predicted dates (Sept 28) we made for possible hurricanes, and location (Gulf side of Florida) This is not a coincidence.  The technology we have been delivering to you for your snow forecast can predict hurricanes and their location.  It is still hard for me to believe, even though this is the second correct prediction (Ida 2021).  

How Did We Do It?

The cycling weather pattern allows us to predict the weather months in advance.  The pattern sets up in July and August each year and cycles (repeats) until a new pattern emerges the following year.  La Nina/El Nino, and the various oscillations are all a part of the pattern.  These influences tell us the strength and path of particular pattern.  They also create differences within each cycle.  

We use each cycles tropical indications to predict when and where a hurricane will strike.  In 3 out of 4 cycles there were indications that there would be a hurricane in Florida on the Gulf side.  The Texas/Louisianna and New England coast, 2 out of 4 cycles. New England was spared with Fionna tracking north, making landfall in Canada. 

On June 11th, we updated our hurricane predictions with a 70% chance of a landfall hurricane on the above locations.  

Remaining Hurricane Possibilities

There are a couple more possible dates for hurricanes at the aforementioned locations.  Those dates are October 20th and November 12th.  


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