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Northwest Continued, Tahoe Monday

By April 8, 2022April 9th, 2022No Comments


We are into day 2 of this 5-day PNW storm.  Today will see snow showers with a few breaks in the action.  The snow totals from yesterday were pretty close.  Mt Hood 6″, Stevens Pass 9″, Crystal 6″ and 4″ at Mt Baker.  I will leave the forecast below; it still looks good.  

Colorado resorts will get a little snow from this system late Saturday night and early on Sunday.  It will reach the northern resorts and resorts along I-70.  Expect 1-3 for most.  The Second system that hits the PNW tomorrow will reach Colorado Tuesday with likely good powder Wednesday.

Back to the PNW, the second storm arrives early Sunday morning and is much larger.  This system takes a southeast track bringing snow to the Sierra, before reaching Utah and then Colorado by Tuesday.


Forecast Totals (from Friday)



Off and on snow showers with moderate winds with colder temperatures than yesterday, around 27, for the northern Cascades to around 30 for Timberline and Mt Hood Meadows.


The second system arrives early, I am expecting Winter Storm Warnings as this system is much larger.  Temperatures will be in the upper 20’s for both Washington and Oregon with moderate winds 15-20.  


Monday: Snow in Tahoe

This storm is looking good for heavy snow to the Tahoe region.  Here is the North American Model (NAM) for Monday.

This will be a nice storm before most of the resorts close.  It looks like all mountains 6000 ft and up will get decent totals with around 8-14 for Palisades and perhaps a couple of feet at Kirkwood.  I will dial in those totals more tomorrow.

Tuesday: Utah and Colorado

Pattern Storms

The last prediction remaining on the chart is April 16-18 for Colorado.  That storm begins in the PNW on around the 14th and will likely hit Tahoe, and Utah before reaching Colorado.  This storm system was responsible for a large Tornado outbreak December 10-11 ’21.  It is likely that there will be another Tornado outbreak in the same locations again.  Below, from NOAA, is the storm track from December 10-11th ’21.

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