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PNW Ramps Up

By December 17, 20212 Comments


BC Whistler area, a Winter Storm Warning begins tonight. 

A few lingering show showers for the Cottonwoods today with a few inches of fresh topping this morning.   Utah had good 3-day totals with Alta coming out on top with 28″.  Colorado had decent totals with Steamboat the winner with 12″. 

We are in day 19 in this year’s pattern with this storm cycle starting on day 14 (Dec 12).  A version of that system will come back around February 9th.  

I have received quite a few trip request forecasts, and I want to encourage you to do so for your upcoming trips.  I am here for YOU!  I welcome your requests that’s why I’m here.  Please comment in the comments below or email me to

PNW Up Next

Next system arrives tonight in the Cascades. This is setting up to be another atmospheric river AR event for the Seattle area. You can see the long green plume of moisture trailing off to the southwest.  For the northern Cascade mountains Crystal, Stevens Pass, and Baker expect 3-day totals between 26-30.  Southern Cascade mountains in Oregon, Timberline, Meadows, Bachelor and Hoodo will have between 18-22.  We will dial this storm in with more detail tomorrow.

PNW Calendar Today, Colorado Out Next

I have been working to simplify upcoming storms to be easier to plan for trips.  I’ve come up with a calendar with likely storm dates outlined in dark blue.  The dark blue dates have an 80% chance of snow.  The light blue dates have a 60% chance of snow.  Those dates are based on small waves that came through. 

I have also highlighted the corresponding storms that have come through in the first cycle.  I will add more detail as we get through the second cycle. 

Future Snow Predictions


  • Wes says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for your weather forecasts and insights. Curious what your thoughts are for Telluride during the week of 1/30/22 thru 2/6/22.

    • Mike Holm says:

      Hi Wes, Feb 1-2 and 6th are pattern systems. The first one may start snowing mid-day on the 1st and spill over to the 2nd. You are going to miss the big storm that happens when you leave, when the Active West part of the pattern begins. At least you get some snow, and the good news is that this is the strongest part of the year for intensity. I was in Colorado in February when the big one hit in ’20. The previous versions were weak comparatively. Let me know how you fare!

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