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Tracking the Storms

By October 20, 2023No Comments

Posted October 20, 2023

Tracking the Storms

23-24 Cycle Length Verifying

This storm is getting a little closer and should be there, according to the Pattern.  I believe I have this year’s cycle length and it is verifying.  We are monitoring the timeline; it still looks like we are looking at the first wave early Monday for the Pacific Northwest.  This will be mostly a rain event as the snow levels will be high.  

Second wave overnight Wednesday hitting Utah in the morning Thursday and Colorado Thursday night. The possible 3rd system, the Hurricane, doesn’t look like it will merge with the second wave, as of now.  It does look like it will bring additional precipitation to southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, but it looks warm–stay tuned.  Below is the 500 mb.

Snow Totals

These will change, but as of today this is what we are looking at.  We will have a much better solution as we get to Sunday.







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