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Spring Break Forecast thru April 1st

By February 22, 2023One Comment

Welcome to Future Snow!  If you are new to this website, thank you for stopping by.  We are a ski, snowboarding and snowsports forecasting service.  Our forecasts are incredibly accurate, nearly 90% accurate, 30 + days out, the last 2 years.

We use a patent pending model, to forecast weather beyond 30 days out, so you can plan your vacation around fresh powder, up to two months in advance.  

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Exclusive Patent Pending LRC Model from Weather 20/20

Maps by Weather Bell Analytics

We are the only Ski and Snowboard weather forecasting company to have exclusive access to the LRC (Lezak’s Recuring Cycle) weather model.  

The LRC model forecasts are global.  Below is a forecast for a subscriber’s trip to Hakkiai Sanroku Japan.  The subscriber took advantage of our free Ski Concierge service, which is included in your annual subscription.  

The model uses state of the art technology from radar, satellite, and proprietary data, that data is then incorporated into an algorithm, that is updated.


Below are our forecast Calendars for Utah, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest.  Click to enlarge.  Light shaded areas are 60% chance of snow, dark shaded areas, probable (90% chance).  


Forecasts Everyday 

We forecast everyday through our Forecast Blog.  Check us out by taking advantage of our free 7-day trial.  

Long Range Forecast Prediction Chart

Below are our documented forecast predictions for the year to date, with remaining predictions thru April 5-6th.  

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