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Pattern Discussion

The storm continues to grow and is picking up moisture from the Pacific.  The storm moves into the Tahoe area today, in earnest, as the storm splits into two tracks.  The Tahoe track and Utah/Colorado track.  You can see the two tracks in this animation.  The storm will move out of the PNW south to Tahoe, as the top splitt moves on a Southeast track to Utan and Colorado tonight.






Cold and windy with another 2-4 today for the northern Cascades Crystal Mountain as the storm exits by early afternoon.  Southern Cascades won’t be as cold and light winds are expected as snow levels rise by noon before falling back as the wind shifts from west to east.  Expect another 4-8 throughout the day with the storm moving out of the Mt Hood, Bachelor areas by early evening.


Winter Storm Warning, ah, it’s good to say that!  The snow has begun overnight but the main part of the storm will be overnight tonight.  Expect 2-4 today with another 5-10 overnight for areas along the Crest, like Palisades, Kirkwood and Boreal.  For the East resorts Mt Rose and Heavenly expect 1-3 today with 3-5 overnight tonight.  West resorts Dodge Ridge and Homewood expect light snow today with heavy snow tonight, 5-10 overnight with another 4-8 tomorrow.  


Heavy snow expected throughout the day today with generally 4-8 for Snowbird and Alta.  Temps steady around 22 with moderate winds from 10-15 mph.  Expect another 1-3 overnight as the storm moves out tomorrow morning.


The system moves in today around 3 o’clock and brings in strong winds 15-25 mph.  Expect 2-4 overnight for areas like Vail and Beaver Creek.  The snow continues tonight and tomorrow with another 3-5 overnight and 1-3 tomorrow.  

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