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Tropical Storm Lydia

By October 5, 2023No Comments

Posted October 5, 2023


Tropical Storm Lydia

We have a name, Lydia. This storm is a little disorganized, as the pattern is changing from last year to this year’s.  This storm is going to wander for the next couple of days.  There are a couple of other storms that are developing, below is the latest chart from the National Hurricane Center.

If Lydia becomes a Hurricane then that will be 3 Hurricanes predicted this year.  All technically predicted on May 19th, but honestly I did not expect to get a “two for one” with Hilary and possibly Lydia.  The cycling pattern is pretty amazing.

Possible Hurricane Dates (prediction date May 19th)

Below are the updated predictions for possible hurricanes using our long-range prediction formula.  

Aug 12-17 Pacific Storm—–Verified Hurricane Hilary

Aug 30-Sept 6 Florida—–Verified Hurricane Idalia

Sept 26-Oct 3 Florida (added Sept 4th)

Sept 27- Oct 5 Hawaii

Sept 30-Oct 3rd Yucatan

Sept 30-Oct 5 Pacific Storm

Oct 4-12 Possible Return of Hilary


You can find the original post May 19th, and all Hurricane posts on this page—most recent posts appear first.


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