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Another Day, Another Foot

By December 24, 2021No Comments


Some surprising totals this morning, CB (Crested Butte) checking in with a full board.  Winter storm warnings from the Cascades to the Sierras, Wasatch, and Rocky Mountains.  The moisture is pouring into Utah and Colorado, as the storm intensifies.


Get out there today, get your pow!  If you missed this one, it will be back February 21st!

Another Day, Another Foot

Some Stoke from Around the West

Deer CreekPalisades TahoeSnoqualmie Heavenly.comTimberlineResort.comTamerack


Heavy snow in the Pacific Northwest Cascades, Sierras, Wasatch and Rocky Mountains. Double digit totals in the southern Cascades.  High single digits in Tahoe, Utah and Colorado.

Christmas Pow


Southern Cascades:  Heavy snow and windy.  Temps in the mid-20s dropping to the teens overnight.  Sat and Sun will be great days, but you will need to dress warm due to the wind.  12-16 expected.

Northern Cascades:  Cold and windy with another 2-6 expected.


Heavy snow, cold and windy.  Temps in the mid-20s dropping to the teens overnight. 1-2 feet.  


Cold and windy with another 3-5 to top off.  More snow Christmas night with -6-10 expected.


Cold and windy with light snow throughout the day.  Expect another 1-3 of fluff to top it off.  The system moves out late in the day while the next wave moves in on Monday.



Next wave moves into the Southern Cascades as the low is projected to move across northern Washington.  Double digits possible again!

Northern Cascades get jipped this time, but if the Low tracks a little farther North, then it could be game on.  I’ll keep an eye on this one.


The show continues with another 6-12.  Continued cold and high winds.


Below are the 3-day totals–doesn’t get much better than this.


Future Snow Predicted Storms

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